Replenish the Soul

 Tap into your Inner Wisdom

Over the course of three months, let’s assess any negative emotional patterns which create energetic imbalances in the body. You will receive a simple yet effective, personalized plan that respects your body constitution, allowing you to come back into balance. We will work together to cultivate the necessary steps to restoring your well-being and replenishing your soul.

Keeping our emotions in balance is crucial

When our needs aren’t met, we can feel

  • hurt
  • sadness
  • anger
  • grief
  • resentful
  • shame
  • guilt
  • pain in our bodies
  • moody

…all of which can create…

  • emotional baggage
  • harmful perceptions and interpretation
  • labelling and projecting
  • feeling bad and thinking negatively
  • limiting beliefs
  • a "story" individuals identify with

What are some signs we are imbalanced?

  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • depression
  • lack of inspiration
  • emotionally reactive
  • cynical attitude
  • hopelessness
  • checked out
  • numb

This package includes:

  • Dosha assessment (mind-body constitution)
  • Complete health history
  • Dosha balancing suggestions
  • Meal planning plus access to recipes
  • Basic herbs and spice recommendations
  • Emotional release techniques
  • Daily self care routine
  • Mind/Body/Soul balancing
  • Pranayama (breathwork)
  • Specific yoga and meditation suggestions
  • Tools for improving digestion and energy
  • How to connect with nature and the seasons

3 months.  Initial consultation 90 minutes, including 60 minute weekly sessions and unlimited support.

Access your personal power

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