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Some change takes time and attention. This six-month package addresses one major aspect of your life and works to completely change your thoughts and behavior around that aspect.

In order to access our radiance and creative genius, we have to take responsibility and make a commitment to uncovering the stories and blocks that prevent us from having the breakthroughs that will allow us to move forward to a life of deep meaning and fulfillment.

I want to help you work through your health issues and show you how your habitual thoughts and beliefs create your life.

A certain situation may be healed or worked through but another one will arise because all life events are dictated by the unconscious mind. – We are all here to grow and evolve as spiritual beings.

The Details:

A Breakthrough Session is typically broken up into two days for a total of approximately 9 hours of transformative work as you’ll need the time and space to allow the changes to take place while releasing what has been holding you back.

This package includes:

The Breakthrough Session

This is a revolutionary approach to personal transformation, an integral part of the Break the Chains program.

When you feel stuck and can’t silence the internal chatter long enough to know what you want or need and feel confused about what the next steps are, it’s time to get clear and make a big change.

How does a Breakthrough Session work?

step one

We identify the beliefs, thought patterns, values and stories you’ve created about yourself and for your life

step two
We use tools to figure out if you’re negatively or positively approaching those goals.

step three
After discovering where your values might be conflicting with your desires, we eliminate those contradictions through powerful NLP processes (i.e. mental emotional release (MER) and Hakalau), training the subconscious to focus only on what you want.

What are the benefits of a Breakthrough Session?

Make a commitment to free yourself.

Will your life be transformed through this Ayurveda coaching program? YES. Absolutely.

The information and the tools are based on your real-life needs and your daily routine to ensure you have success.

When you’re happy, peaceful and in flow, aligned to your inner wisdom, your body radiates what the soul came here to express.

It is at this point a healing ripple effect goes out into the world touching others by the changes you’ve made.

Together, we can work as members of a global village devoted to raising the collective consciousness of our communities,
creating a world filled with greater love, harmony and beauty.

3-Month or 6-Month Package. Includes the Breakthrough Sessions.

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